Specialists in creating authentic live video and audio recordings

Most of our work lies in producing a series of short videos for clients as part of a launch or concert promotion, or to  help enhance their online presence.

We work across the music sector, carefully capturing good quality live audio at the same time as videoing these artists.

Clients also get free extra materials for their social media feeds and unlimited revisions to drafts before agreeing a final product;

– we want all of our clients to be delighted with their new video.

Quality audio

Dedicated sound engineer/producer at all larger shoots. We also offer a  cut-down stereo option for smaller ensembles. 

Beautiful 4K

All shoots use the latest mirrorless cameras and only ever shooting in 4K to give you the very best quality video. 

Visual movement

Four cameras on shoots (including automated movement) gives more editing options to let your performance come alive.

Social media

10 ‘stills’ and a 60 second ‘short’ included as extras from every shoot for you to promote your video on your social media feed.

Why have a video?

If you want to get some attention for yourself as a performer, you are going to need a video

(several actually……)


5G is here, and with that extra bandwidth there is going to be a lot more video out there. Anyone visiting your website or social media feed on their mobiles will expect to see video.


Google algorithms get updated all the time, but video is a constant. Google ‘spiders’ like to see video files and you are likely to get bumped higher in a results page over sites without video.


There will be more video out there, but much of this is likely to be static shots on a mobile phone with the inbuilt mic capturing sound. A professionally shot video with good audio is always going to stand out.

Who do we work with, and why?


Many years experience in the education sector helps us to work particularly well with student ensembles. Any school or university competing for musical pupils has an edge over the competition with a series of carefully-crafted music videos.

Function/Wedding Ensembles

A series of short, up-to-date videos are a must for ensembles in this web-marketed industry. Good quality audio included is always an attractive extra.

Soloists/Small Ensembles

The chance to have a quality audio recording in with the price has proved very popular with emerging artists. We are always keen to work with these artists and this is reflected in prices quoted for them.


These larger ensembles particularly value having three discrete cameras on a shoot to capture more varied angles with fewer 'takes'. Much more efficient.

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